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Rob Sewell's Journey: Overcoming the Hidden Costs of Alcohol Addiction

Join us during Alcohol Awareness Week and take a stand against the devastating impact of alcohol on individuals and families.

Alcohol, for many perceived as innocent, can bring about a profound and destructive influence on the lives of those who consume it. As we observe Alcohol Awareness Week, it is crucial to shine a light on the hidden costs associated with alcohol. In this blog post, we will delve into the personal journey of Rob Sewell, Eleven Recovery's dedicated Business Manager, and explore the profound impact of alcohol addiction on his life and family.

A Battleground Within: For many years, Rob battled with alcohol addiction, and its costs extended far beyond the mere price of his drinks. The emotional and financial toll it exacted on his family, primarily his wife, was immeasurable. Once a happy home, it had transformed into a battleground marred by arguments and broken promises. The insidious nature of alcoholism affects not only the individual but also everyone in their immediate circle.

The Ripple Effect: Alcoholism's costs permeate every aspect of life. Financial worries escalated, pushing aside essential needs and rendering dreams unattainable. The grip of addiction eroded hope and left a void in its wake. The weight of this burden, borne not only by Rob but also by his loved ones, became undeniable.

Awakening and the Journey to Recovery: Rob's awakening came with a realization—a profound understanding of the true cost of his addiction, both to himself and to those he cherished. This newfound awareness ignited a fierce determination to transform his life, rebuild broken trust, and forge a better future. The path to recovery is arduous, but it offers hope, healing, and a chance for transformation.

Embracing Support and Seeking Help: Recovery is not a solitary endeavor; it requires support, therapy, and treatment. Rob, with unwavering determination, sought professional assistance and engaged in therapy. Through these channels, he discovered the strength to confront his addiction and rebuild his life.

Overcoming the Hidden Costs: The true cost of alcohol addiction lies beyond the bottle. It permeates relationships, erodes financial stability, and shatters dreams. However, during Alcohol Awareness Week, we encourage you to recognize the hidden costs and take action. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it is vital to seek help and support. Recovery is possible, and a brighter future awaits.

At Eleven Recovery, we understand the challenges of alcohol addiction and the hidden costs it entails. If you or a loved one needs assistance on the path to recovery, reach out to us today. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide the support, guidance, and treatment needed to reclaim your life.

During Alcohol Awareness Week, let us stand together and raise awareness about the hidden costs of alcohol addiction.

Rob Sewell's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of recovery. Remember, the true cost of alcohol extends beyond the price of a drink—it affects individuals, families, and communities. By seeking help and support, we can overcome these costs and build a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.

Contact Eleven Recovery today to take the first step towards a life free from alcohol addiction at (0)7832 964126 or email

Together, let's reclaim our lives and create a brighter future.

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