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Dayhab at Eleven Recovery

What is Dayhab (outpatient rehab)?

  • Dayhab programmes are designed for individuals who needs structured support and rehabilitation from addiction but cannot commit to a 24/7 live-in programme. Unlike inpatient rehab, dayhab (or outpatient) patients live at home for the duration of their treatment and visit the rehab facility during the day for therapy sessions, group work and other treatment.

  • The flexibility of dayhab allows people with commitments to work, school or family to access the addiction support services they need.

  • At Eleven Recovery we provide Intensive Outpatient Programmes (IOPs) which involve multiple therapy sessions throughout the week, peer support group meetings, mindfulness and wellness workshops, as well as tools to thrive after treatment and maintain sobriety.

What do you do in Dayhab?

Before treatment can begin the needs of a patient must be assessed through a discovery process to tailor a bespoke treatment and recovery plan.

You’ll have a range of consultations and assessments with our medical team to evaluate your physical and psychological health. Your results will be analysed to formulate your own personalised programme.

Our outpatient programmes are highly structured just as an inpatient programme would be, this promotes habit formation beyond treatment and provides order and structure to a patient’s life which was likely missing before beginning treatment. Some typical activities likely to be scheduled include:

  • 12 step sessions: Our bespoke 12 step based recovery programme developed by our programme manager Grant Sharp follows the key lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 steps framework, supported by group discussion and reflection sessions.

  • Peer support group meetings: building on the lessons of our 12 step programme, patients regularly attend AA/ NA meetings to hear stories from others in recovery and share their own experiences should they feel comfortable.

  • One-to-one therapy sessions: Our team of therapists and psychologists are here to work with patients to build understanding of their struggles with addiction and formulate methods to manage these issues moving forward. These can include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy style sessions as well as Internal Family Systems sessions.

  • Exercise: Group excursions in the surrounding parks and into the nearby Peak District national park are an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety as well as build healthy habits and promote physical wellness post-treatment.

  • Extra-curricular activities: A variety of classes and workshops are built into our programmes to provide healthy outlets for mental stimulation, creativity and expression. These include poetry & craft workshops, reflection sessions and guided readings.

How long does it take?

At Eleven Recovery, our outpatient programmes run for 28 days, but are available for as long as an individual may need to reach a point where they are ready to transition into life after treatment successfully.


What happens after Dayhab?

We provide extensive support once people have left our programme through peer support groups and our Eleven Alumni group. Our aftercare programme helps those in recovery and also their families, the aim is to build a support network and equip patients with the tools to build healthy habits and behaviour beyond treatment.


If you or someone you know may be struggling with addiction or substance misuse, please get in touch. We are ready and able to restore health, happiness and purpose to those struggling.

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